Day 1: Denver, CO to Mesa Verde National Park

Saddle Mountain

Treasure Falls

The Mountain Goat in all her glory

Always got to stop by Ska Brewing 

The brewhouse at Animas Brewing Company 

Checking out Animas Brewing Company

Spawning ponds for the Colorado Division of Wildlife

Day 2: Mesa Verde National Park

Square Tower House in Mesa Verde

ShAnnon taking and break and having a little fun

The Petroglyphs or Petroglyph Point Trail

Day 3: Mesa Verde to Williams, AZ


Checking out Dark Sky Brewing in Flagstaff, AZ

The brewer hard at work

Such an interesting brewhouse

Day 4: Taking the Grand Canyon Railway

The wild west show before you board the train

Wish we could be taking this one

The Grand Canyon in all it's glory

The good old steam locomotive that hauled us here

Such a happy couple

Lookout Studio and the views of Bright Angle Lodge

The Kolb Brother original projector

Looking out from Lookout Studio

Some more views from Lookout Studio

Day 5: Hoover Damn

Lake Mead

Day 6: The Grand Canyon

Fred Flintstone sporting the CO-Brew badge

ShAnnon driving the Flintstone Mobile

ShAnnon riding the pet cat

Day 7: Williams, AZ to Moab, UT

Day 8: Moab, UT to Denver, CO